Friday, November 14, 2008

Afternoons with Miss J

For the last few months Miss J has been coming to our house once a week or so to join Jasper and I in crafting and sewing.

She has 5 other siblings, so her mom doesn't have oodles of time to sit around and sew. :> She is 8, but acts like she is 18.

If I am on my game, I have a loaf of bread that finishes baking upon her arrival.

We like to have a slice of hot homemade bread and chocolate milk for our snack before we start our projects. It helps you sew better, you know.

Last week we finished a taggie blanket for her new baby brother. She picked out the vintage cowboy print because her family is "a little bit cowboy".

Previously we made a matching pillow with an applique initial "F", which she was happy to present to her baby brother as a Nevada Day/ Halloween present. Apparently he loves it. :>


Bunting Family said...

I love that you have taken her under your wing and have her ovber for those fun sew-fests! Cute tag blankie too.

Heidi said...

I wish you had taught ME how to sew when we lived near each other! (You could have baked me homemade bread too...) :D

JD and Rachelle said...

As her mother, I too am grateful that you cn have her over for these projects. She is so creative and well. . . I'm just not.

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