Friday, November 14, 2008

Mike's Kitchen Tools

For over a year Mike has been requesting a drawer to house his favorite kitchen utensils. He if often frustrated when he can't find what he needs in the jam packed utensil drawers.

A couple of weeks ago I finally did a complete reorganization on all of the kitchen drawers. And guess what I discovered?

Mike doesn't even need a whole drawer. his items fit perfectly in a little crock. He is quite happy, AND I didn't have to give up a drawer.

The takeaways from this story are:
(1) My husband is so easy to please.
(2) I should not have put this task off for a year. I put it off because I did not want to give up one of my utensil drawers-- and in the end I didn't have to.

If felt great to go through every single drawer and organize and it really is easier to find things. :>

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