Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Music Man

Besides "the truck" that Jasper ALWAYS has in his hand, his new favorite toy is a small music player. When I hoisted him into his high chair this morning, he kept his grip on both toys.

The music player is another one of my 25 cent Goodwill bargains. It is so old, that it has no volume control and no on/off switch.

Now toymakers are smarter, and offer these sanity saving options on musical toys. The funniest thing is to watch Jasper sing along with the songs.

On Sunday, I made Mike remove it from his vise like grip and hide it -- because I could not take the songs anymore. It stayed hidden for 2 days. Then Jasper spotted it. Way up high on top of a cabinet. He stood there like a hunting dog treeing his prey, screeching and yelping until I rescued the toy.

And ever since then I've been thinking -- we need a new hiding place!

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