Thursday, June 19, 2008

Busy Beavers

Bonnie married into a family that loves to spend time in the mountains. They all had their campers set up in the mountains for a family get together. Jasper and I were lucky enough to be invited up for a day of fun.

While we were on a 4wheel ride we drove by a beaver dam. Bonnie says that every year it gets bigger. We could easily see the trees that the beavers had used for their dam. It was beautiful in the mountains. Jasper had a lot of fun, and he especially like all of the dogs that were there at the camp. Jasper has quite an affinity for puppies, and his favorite was a little dog that was just about his size. When we arrived and got out of Bonnie's car, Jasper could hear all of the dogs barking. He immediately started flapping his arms and babbling with glee.

Jasper and I took a little nap in Bonnie's camper. It was such a treat to feel the cool mountain breeze and look out at the pine trees. We were having such a great time that I told Bonnie we should just sleep over, but her husband had already taken the generator home, so we had no way to turn the heater on at night. This is of course is a foreign concept to me, as it is so hot in Las Vegas right now.

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