Friday, May 11, 2012

First Time at the Splash Pad 2012

Today we met up at the Mission Hills Park with a few of our friends for some water fun.  The kids all had a blast and loved the water.

Jasper doesn't have preschool on Friday's, so that is usually our day to go do a fun activity.

It's been hot here in Henderson, we're sweltering, and we're only half way though May.  It's gonna be a long, HOT summer!

I'm not sure why, but they took down the red fence around the splash pad.  It's easier if you have older kids, because you can sit on the shaded picnic tables and the kids can run over to check in.

If you have tiny tots who you are worried about wandering off, you might wish the fence was still there.

Here's a wet and cool summer...and trying to beat the heat.

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