Monday, November 17, 2008

Jasper's First Dental Visit

Officially it's called a "smile check", and Jasper's first one was Oct. 30 -- the day after Trunk or Treat. We left Trunk or Treat with NO CANDY. Jasper doesn't really know what candy is yet, and I figured that Jasper has a lifetime of Halloween candy ahead of him.

I am guessing that not many patients show up in their dinosaur PJ's. I was not about to wake Jasper up before I needed to. We just did a quick outfit change after we got there.

Being a first time mom, I had no idea that baby teeth are supposed to have space in between them. Jasper's top teeth have that space, but his bottom teeth are right next to each other. The dentist told us clean his bottom 2 teeth well, as there is no natural space for food to pass through.

He chose a blue car from the toy box. If I would have known they hard cars in there I would have asked if he could have had the car in the beginning he would have been more willing to sit still.

See you in one year Dr. Campbell!

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