Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Valentine Treats 2010 -- Homemade Suckers

This year we made homemade suckers for our Valentine treats.

I remember making these all of the time when I was little, but I don't see them much anymore.

My favorite flavors are watermelon and root beer, so that's what we made.

We also made some suckers that are key lime flavor just to bring things out of the 1980's --which is where I seem to be stuck most of the time.

We let our Valentine's pick out their own flavor and shape.  The only problem we had is that Jasper thought he should get a sucker at every house we went to. 

Our sucker labels came from a free template download from Blonde Designs Blog.  They always have a ton of great ideas on their blog.
 I used the recipe off the LorAnn flavoring oils box with two exceptions.

First, I doubled the amount of flavoring.  I did a few experiments with the amount and found that doubling it made the suckers taste much more flavorful.

Second,the recipe says to turn the heat off at 300 degrees.  I turned the heat off at 290 because the temp. will rise to 300 on it's own. 

If you leave it on until 300 degrees after you turn the heat off it will rise to 310, and your suckers will taste a little burnt.

The suckers were a hit and we can't wait to make some more! 

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Cami said...

I totally remember making suckers...that was forever ago. You have resurrected the art! You are SUCH a fun mom! I wish we were neighbors so I good hang out with you a learn from your great example! I guess I still can through your blog a bit. :)

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