Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monkey Monkey

Two weeks ago Jasper's road rash on his face from his fall during the Red Rock Canyon hike was looking pretty bad and oozing pus.

I decided that we need to keep a bandaid on it if possible.

Luckily I purchased some Curious George bandaids on super clearance last year and even more lucky for me, Jasper LOVES monkeys.
He resisted at first, and then Mike told him that a bandaid is like a sticker for your face.  Brilliant.  Pure Brilliance Daddy. 

That was all it took, and now he's upset if he doesn't have a bandaid on. Not just his face, but he likes to sport at least one additional bandaid on his arm.

And thoughout the day he will say, "Monkey", meaning, "I want to look in he mirror at the monkey bandaid on my face".

I sure love my little monkey!

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The McCooks said...

Nevy loved bandaids too because she thought they were stickers so every time she get hurt she wanted one. They would be up and down each arm, about 10 bandaids, luckily her grandparents kept buying them for her to have.

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