Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Valentine Deliveries 2010

 Last year I realized that delivering Valentine's to your friends and neighbors is not a one day job. This year we did a few deliveries each day the week before Valentine's day.

We had fun visiting with everyone for a few minutes during our deliveries.  Most of the time Jasper would walk right in and head over to play with their toys.  (He did the same thing on Halloween when we went trick or treating last year).

While we would wait on the porch for someone to answer Jasper would play with his trusty red car.

We skipped doing deliveries at Mike's work since he's new.  I have to admit that it really made me miss seeing all of our friends at Mike's last job.  We had so much fun on our deliveries last year.

Below are Jasper's Valentines from last year (I had 2 different poses)  up next to this year's version.  He looks so different in just one year.

Valentine card templates are from the very talented Heather Melzer at Heather Ann Designs. Her blog is my absolute favorite.  She is so crafty and fun -- I wish we were neighbors!

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