Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bike Run with Rook

When we got Jasper's bike two weeks ago it seemed a shame to not go for a test run that afternoon.

It was a little chilly, but we braved the wind.  We invited Rook and his Skuut bike and hit the path at O'
Callaghan Park.  The little hills, bridge and gully were a perfect course.

The boys had a great time.  They rode back and forth across the bridge several times.  They even ventured down underneath the bridge and into the gully.  

The sky was blue on the side of the park where we played and there were hundreds of birds in the big tree near the bridge.  The boys tried to count them but gave up at 10.

My favorite moment was when Jasper was having a tough time getting his bike up the hill.

He asked me for help several times but I assured him he could do it himself.

Rook could tell that he really did need help and dropped his bike and came to Jasper's rescue.  It was very sweet. 

One of Jasper's friends from preschool, Abe, was also at the park and he really wanted to give Jasper's bike a whirl.

Abe waited patiently until we came back over the side of the park he was playing on and Jasper let him take a spin.

I was really proud of Jasper for sharing his new prized possession.  He kept repeating, "I share".  And I would chant, "Hooray for sharing" as I raised my arms in excitement.

At one point Abe went a little way off and Jasper followed in hot pursuit.  I guess he didn't want to let his bike out of sight.

At nap time and bedtime we make up songs for Jasper per his request.

I have lost count at how many times he's said, "Sing: Share Bike Abe".  It's a top 10 hit at our house.

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