Monday, January 9, 2012

CTR 4 (Choose the Right)

Sunday, Jan. 8, 2012

Since I'm staying with my Sunbeam class, I'm now Jasper's CTR 4 Primary Teacher.

He is SO EXCITED to be a CTR 4.  He thinks it sounds so grown up.

Whenever he gets dressed now he proudly reads the "4T" label on his pants and shirts and says, "Mom, this says "4T" because I'm a CTR 4."

In class today we made necklaces with CTR on them and talked about how we can choose the right.

If the project involves coloring, cutting, gluing, pasting, and taping -- my class is in heaven.

One of the questions the manual said to ask is "What do you do when your mom or dad asks you to help out and do a chore?"

Before asking my class this question, I asked them, "What are some chores that your mom and dad ask you to do?"  Thinking this would help them give a more realistic answer to the question the lesson manual suggests.

One girl piped up that her chore is to get her mom a soda pop when her mom needs it.  I just smiled.

Someone else offered up that her mom instructed them "We CAN do laundry", but she told her mom that the only chore they know how to do is to get their dad a can of Coke when he needs it.

At this point I am trying not to bust out laughing.  So I say, "Would you like to know what chores Jasper does?"  Thinking this will get us off the soda stories and back on point.

I said, "If we need a new trash liner, Jasper gets them out from the cabinets under the sink and shakes it out and puts it in the trash cans; in the kitchen and the bathrooms."

They all sat there with wide eyes; stunned.  Then little Addison burst out into spontaneous clapping for Jasper, and the rest followed suit.  They were both amazed and impressed.

Jasper was thrilled to receive such accolades and my class was mesmerized. so I went on.

"Jasper also carries the entire laundry basket downstairs to the laundry room.  Sometimes he gets the darks and sometimes he brings the whites.  Then he helps me put the laundry soap in and pushes the buttons to start the washing machine." Again, more clapping.

And since I was on a roll, I told them when Jasper takes his shower he also sprays the glass shower door with a vinegar cleaning solution, scrubs it down and then pours a small bucket of water on the door to rinse everything away.

At this point the class erupts in clapping again.  Jasper is feeling great.  And I'm feeling like a chore freak, especially compared to the soda stories.

So I decide to leave out Jasper's vacuuming, including plugging the vacuum back into charge and changing out the attachments.

Jasper left feeling like a star, even though one of his classmates told him and the rest of the class that, "You guys are just doing scribble scrabble.  That's not coloring", when working on their CTR necklaces.  She is a coloring prodigy child and she really is good.  Don't worry, she's working on being a little less harsh on the other "less gifted" kids in class.

I am SO HAPPY to be Jasper's CTR 4 teacher this year!


Julianna said...

Thank you for your example. I am so inspired by you and am trying to be a little more like you everyday....and trying to be like Jesus too (but seeing as those are both so similar one can be said without the other). Those are some lucky CTR4 kids. Wish you were Eylas teacher.

Mary Kay said...

Way to go, Jasper! Ang, you are a great teacher! I find my children are happier when they contribute to the family work. They are also proud when I think they are "ready" to learn how to do a new chore! Good job, Angela! You taught me some things I should teach my own children. Off to do laundry!

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