Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer 2013: Last Day to Swim at the Black Mountain Rec Center

 We have a tradition to go to the Black Mountain Rec. Center near our house the last day it is open.  We stayed until the pool closed and Jasper was the last one down the big waterslide for the summer.  Henry was a splashing maniac.

It has been raining on and off all weekend. The weather was so nice and overcast and the water was warm. I wished we could go there every day with weather like that. There were more lifeguards on duty than people swimming due to the weather. We almost had the place to ourselves.  We loved it! .

Good times and fun memories with my boys.

Jasper likes to crawl inside the ring of water made by this water feature and pretend he is trapped by laser beams.  Silly boy.

Henry likes to crawl around the beach entry area.  Sometimes he goes out too deep and I have to grab him when he goes out so far that he's crawling through water as high as his head.

Even though Jasper loves the big waterslide, he still has some fun in the kiddie zone.
Henry LOVES all the water features and wanted to try and grab the water coming out of the colorful pipes.

For most of the time Jasper was the only person going down the big waterslide.
The lifeguards were having a lot of fun with him and being silly.

Jasper had fun going down the kiddie slide too.

Here are a few videos from our time at the pool.

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