Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jasper's Birthday Lunch at School - Age 6

At Jasper's school the parents can come and bring their child a special lunch and eat with them on their birthday.

Since McDonald's is not my favorite, we opted to get a pepperoni Domino's Pizza and bring that in with some applesauce cups and a Vitamin Water fruit punch drinks.

I bought sugar cookies with sprinkles for Jasper to share with his class for a birthday treat, and I brought a few extra of those to lunch too.

Henry came with us and was the hit of the lunchroom.  We ate with Evan Gornichec (who is in 3rd grade) and Jasper's friend Gunnar from his class (because Gunnar didn't have a lunch today.)  

1st and 3rd grades eat lunch from 12:00 - 12:20 PM, and Jasper loves it when he can find Evan and eat with him.  They have recess at 11:45 AM, and then lunch.  The lunchroom is PACKED, as in the school staff have to help people find a seat.  Kind of crazy!

Jasper's teacher gave him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY bracelet (which he wore to bed tonight) and a special star sticker saying that it was his birthday.

Happy 6th Birthday Jasper!

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