Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jasper's "Me Bag" for School

This is the only homework Jasper has been asked to do since school started.

The bag says:
Please help me decide what item goes inside, something about me for all my friends to see,
What I like or do that makes me special too!

We also received instructions to bring 4 small items that match the above description for Jasper to bring for a glorified show and tell.

Jasper chose a Hot Wheels car, a tower of Legos he built, a light up ball and a book he recently earned from the library summer reading program.

I thought he did a great job picking out smaller items that would fit in the bag that highlight some of his favorite things.

Jasper LOVES to get a lot of balls on the trampoline at once and play "Poison Ball."

Baby Henry attempting to play "Poison Ball" and trying not touch any of the balls on the trampoline. 
Let's just say he was not winning that game.

 Jasper building a Lego train and a Lego tower on a train.
(These 2 photos are from 1 year ago when our downstairs was still getting put back together.)
Jasper is ALWAYS reading a book.  We have had to ban books at the kitchen table, because he would rather eat than read.

Our library is in the same shopping complex as Target.  So if we go to the library before Target Jasper asks to ride in the cart so he can read the new books he just checked out.

I've lost track of how many Hot Wheels Cars Jasper owns.  A couple years ago I made a  fold out track to play cars on with storage pockets for the vehicles in a fold-n-go format.

 Jasper would have liked to have take Baby Henry as one of his favorite things, but he wouldn't fit!  
Jasper is a great older brother to Henry and is quite proud of him.

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