Monday, August 26, 2013

Jasper's first day of 1st Grade at Smalley Elementary

Jasper is thrilled to be in 1st grade at Smalley Elementary.  He loves school. He is still 5 years old. but will be 6 soon.

His teacher is Mrs. Doughty, and he has 19 kids in his class.  The class is decorated with hot air balloons.  Which is really cute and kind of fun since Jasper and I just finished reading "The Wizard of Oz," as part of our preparation to go see the musical at The Smith Center in a few weeks.

Jasper went to 2 years of preschool at Smalley, and last year he went to PM Kindergarten, in Ms. Montemayor's class.  So he is starting his 4th year at Smalley.  This is his first year eating lunch at school and he is excited to bring his lunch each day.

Morning recess is at 8:40 AM, and Jasper is supposed to be lined up to go in school at 8:52 AM.  School gets out at 3:11 PM.

Henry and I are walking Jasper to school every day.  Smalley is .7 of a mile downhill from our home. 

We made it four of the five mornings the first week, and Friday's torrential rainstorm made it so we had to drive that day.

It was an overcast and humid day the first day of school.  After Henry and I walked backed home we went to Mission Hills Park to meet up with the mom's in our ward for a potluck breakfast.  I was dripping wet from the humidity and walking.

Here's to a great year in 1st grade!  Two thumbs up!

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