Friday, August 23, 2013

Meet the Teacher - 1st Grade - Mrs. Doughty

Jasper was very excited to meet his teacher.  He will Mrs. April Doughty for 1st grade. 
It is her first year having her own classroom.

Our entire family came over to the school for the 2:00 PM Meet and Greet time.  We love that Mike has a bit of flexibility with his new job and can be a part of these things when it works out.  He's going to be in New Foundland for Back to School night, so this was his chance to meet Mrs. Doughty.

Jasper and I went to the Children's Museum that morning, so we had to hurry home to make it back in time for the meet and greet.
Jasper sits at the green table at the front of the class.  We were supposed to buy a notebook as part of the supplies list.  We just happened to buy green!

Front of the classroom.

Mrs. Doughty's special reading chair for story time.

Fun books they will be reading.

Hallway sign outside front door of Jasper's classroom, #62.
 Jasper knows quite a few kids in his class.  He went to afternoon Kindergarten last year with: Heaven, Joey Jr., Kendelle, and Gunnar.  We also go to Let's Play Music class with Kendelle.  
Jasper goes to church with Turbo and Abigail.

  Jasper was really excited about the reading area, and spent most of his time in there.

I thought this "Book Hospital" bin was a really cute idea.

Reading nook rules.

 We had to tear Jasper away from the reading area when it was time to leave.
He was really excited for the "book buddies" (stuffed animals) that you can read with. 

When the kids walk in the class they take this foam name tag that has a magnet on the back, and place it in a bin that says "cold lunch" (brought from home) or "hot lunch".  
I am planning to make Jasper's lunch every day.

  Jasper is looking forward to a great year in first grade with Mrs. Doughty!

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