Thursday, February 16, 2012

Double Date Dinner ---- With Kids!

 We are so happy that Captain Fortier is home from his recent deployment.  Not as happy as his 10 month old baby girl Raynee.

The entire Foriter family met us for dinner tonight at Claim Jumper in Green Valley.  It's the first time we've seen Jeremy, even though he's been back since Feb. 3rd.

We are proud of Jeremy Jasper was thrilled to share some ribs with Mike. He also was quite concerned  about Raynee.

He always checked on her and worried if she needed a bite or a drink or anything. 

Jasper is so anxious to be a big brother.  Hopefully we will be able to adopt soon and he can have a brother or sister to look out for.


(Photo of the Fortier Family at Jeremy's Homecoming, Feb. 3, 2012)

Jasper LOVES Raynee and is always concerned if she's not happy or needs anything.

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