Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fly Home Soon

Tonight I went to my first deployment farewell dinner.  Jeremy Fortier is leaving in a few days and Kelly arranged for a surprise party for him at a restaurant near her house, Leticia's Mexican Cocina.

We almost didn't go, because Leticia's is a 45 minutes away and we have company coming tomorrow and I really needed to stay home and clean the house. 

I'm so glad that we went and were able to celebrate Jeremy. Mike and I were the only non-Military personnel there, so he kept introducing us as "the civilians."

Since Jeremy's missions are top secret I don't think I'm supposed to say much about where he's going or what he will be doing.  The good (great) news is that he is going to a safe place, so need to fear.  He will be home in four months.

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