Monday, February 27, 2012

Family Scripture Study These Days

We read scriptures as a family together every day.

Usually at night.  If we have a particularly busy day, we might read in our car.  If we are out on a hike, then sometimes we read on the trail during a lunch break.  If Mike is out of town for business, or Jasper and I are out on an adventure, we video chat or just read together on speaker phone.

No matter what, we read every single day.

Our incentive to Jasper for happily showing up for scripture study the first time he's asked and for sitting reverently is that he gets to read.  He LOVES it when it's his turn to read.  Of course since he can't read yet, that means I read 3 or 4 words at a time and he repeats them.  Yes, it's a lengthy process.

I remember last October when Jasper and I stayed at a condo on the beach with some friends.  At night during their family scripture study he was always begging to read every verse.  It definitely is one of his love languages.

In the last few weeks we have watched our friends four kids as part of a babysitting swap.  We usually just have Jasper for scripture study, so adding four other kids, ages 8 and under, is a little more difficult.

Each of the kids sit down with scriptures in their lap turned to the correct page. The first time we had all five kids only read five verses, and the next time read nine verses.  These experiences made me really respect my friends who have more than one child and persevere with family scripture study.

Tonight we read in the Book of Mormon in the book of Alma, Chapter 14.

We spend A LOT of time explaining vocabulary words.  Here's a small sample from just 15 verses.

Chief Judge = The Big Boss
Smote on the cheek = Punched in the face
Bound with strong cords = Tied up really tight
Loosed their bands = Busted free
Began to flee = Run like crazy
Cast into prison = Sent to jail
Answered him nothing = Didn't say a word.

My favorite from tonight was every time we would read 'Chief Judge' Jasper would chime in and say "The Big Boss."  We don't get very far along in the chapter stopping to explain everything.  We do have a good time and I feel good knowing that Jasper understands what we are reading.

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Cyd said...

I do think its important to persevere! Yesterday Will didn't want to participate in family scripture study and we didn't force the issue. This morning however, he had to bring his favorite book to school and he picked the Book of Mormon. Made me think we're doing something right!

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