Monday, December 5, 2011

Why Can't I Just Go To School At BYU today?

Today Jasper wore a BYU shirt to preschool.  
He wanted to know why he couldn't just go to school at BYU today since he was wearing a BYU shirt.

Jasper loves to talk about school.  Where he goes to school now (Smalley Elementary Pre-K), where he will go to elementary school (Smalley), middle school (Mannion), high school (Foothill), college (right now he picks BYU), and graduate school (undecided.)

I have no idea where this all came from.  Several times a week Jasper wants to talk about going to school, how old he will be in each grade, and what he will learn.
Some kids in our neighborhood go to Walker International School, where they spend half a day learning in Spanish.  Jasper frequently tells me, "Mom, I want to go to Walker like Colt so I can learn Spanich."  
Obviously we are having a hard time distinguishing between spinach and Spanich in our house.

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