Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov. 24, 2011

This year we ate Thanksgiving dinner at Claim Jumper.

At our table we feasted with Kelly and baby Raynee Fortier and Eric, Cydnee, Taylor, Will, Regan and Lyndsee Schroeder.

Kelly's husband is deployed out of the country, and the Schroeder's left out of town on the afternoon of Thanksgiving.

Each us ladies were thrilled not to cook this year.

The food did not disappoint, and the cranberry-orange relish was a favorite.  I even had to look up a recipe for it to make to eat on leftover turkey sandwiches.

When I ordered Jasper's salad I asked for ranch dressing on the side.

Jasper quickly chimed in and asked the waiter for ranch in the middle and all over the salad too.  He loves ranch dressing and he wanted to make sure that the waiter knew that he also wanted ranch all over his entire salad.

We won't quickly forget how I told Kelly to go to the Summerlin location of Claim Jumper, which is where we went.  Trouble is we were supposed to be at the Town Square location.  Oops!

We drove over to meet the Schroeder's as fast as we could, and we were grateful that the restaurant held our reservation for an extra 45 minutes.

This Thanksgiving dinner has definitely opened my eyes about how wonderful it is to have someone else cook the turkey!

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