Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Through Jasper's Eyes

Five months ago, on a whim, I gave Jasper a camera. He and his Canon are a match made in Heaven.

I thought he would have fun with it, but I had no idea how much he would love it.

If you think I'm crazy for giving a then 3 year old his own Canon Digital Elph camera, let me explain.
This camera has been sitting in our buffet drawer for years.  It works really well...sometimes.  And sometimes it doesn't turn on at all.  It has the dreaded "Lens Error, Restart Camera" syndrome that many Canon point and shoot cameras seem to be plagues with.

We can't rely on it for a regular camera.  And given the low price of small digital cameras, it's not really worth fixing.

Which makes it perfect for Jasper.  No stress about him breaking it --  it's already broken.  :)

As we were walking out the door to head to Disneyland I thought, "I should just let Jasper have our broken camera.  He might have a lot of fun with it."  Boy was I right.

I have it clipped on a lanyard, so he wears it around his neck when he is in photographer mode.  This helps him not drop it.

Jasper can entertain himself for a long time with his trusty camera. It buys me a lot of time when he and I are on a trip by ourselves and I need time to get ready, or pack up our hotel room.  He simply gets out his camera and takes pictures.  (We have A LOT of photos of Marriott hotel room various carpet and wallpaper patterns.)

It keeps him very entertained when we are waiting in line at Disneyland.  He takes a photo of the character we are waiting to meet, or people he meets in line. 

In Sept. he met two cute grammy's from Australia who are both named Maria.  They died laughing when he asked them if he could take their picture while we were waiting for the train.  We ended up talking to them for the entire trip around Disneyland and had fun hearing about their globe trotting.

On a trip, we have a tradition of looking at the photos from the day on my computer after we dump the photos onto my hard drive and clear the memory card.  We've now added looking at Jasper's photos to this tradition, and his pictures are sure to always bring a smile to both of our faces.

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Cydnee said...

I think that's totally awesome. Kids love cameras but the kid cameras out there, though they entertain, they don't capture things very well with there 1.3 megipixels.

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