Friday, October 14, 2011

Tonsil Free

We are on day 5 of recovery from Jasper's surgery.  The nurse said days 5 through 8 will be tough because the scab over Jasper's tonsils will begin to be very tight.  He keeps saying, "Mom, let's never get my tonsils out again.  Okay?"

We arrived at The Surgery Center clear across town at 8:30 AM.  Jasper was scheduled for surgery at 10:00 AM, and he actually went in at 10:30 AM.

Jasper's hospital gown had little tigers on it who were sleepy.  Jasper really nervous and would only sit on my lap, not the guerny.  Our nurse brought puppy out his own gown (the smallest size they have for babies) and some matching red socks.

Jasper was happy to help me dress puppy for surgery and place him on the gurney.

While we were waiting for surgery Jasper and I read a book he checked out of the library that he's been dying to read called "Bulldog's Big Day" by Kate McMullan.
I never want to read it at bed time because it is a really long book.  It turned out to be cuter than I thought it would be.  I placed the book on the gurney hoping that would make Jasper less anxious about getting in the gurney.

I gently placed Jasper on the gurney after the Versed medicine kicked in and he finally relaxed a bit.  That made it much easier on Jasper when the nurse wheeled him away at 10:30 AM.  Puppy went into surgery with Jasper and got his tonsils out too.

Papa C the puppy (a large bulldog stuffed animal my dad have Jasper) was with us all morning and also went into surgery underneath the gurney.
Thirty minutes later Dr. O'Donnell, Jasper's ENT, came out to talk to Mike and I.  He said that Jasper's tonsils were really large and that he was glad he took them out.  Jasper's adenoids had not grown back since he removed them in January.  He cleaned all the wax out of Jasper's ears and placed new tubes in as well.  Hopefully that will be Jasper's last set of ear tubes.

Jasper was a wreck coming out of anesthesia and not happy at all.  After crying for a while he fell asleep laying on me for an hour.
Jasper laid on me and drooled like I've never seen before.  When he woke up it was popsicle time and we watch a little bit of the movie that was playing, "A Shark's Tale." We finally left around 1:30 PM and were so glad to be on our way home.


We are grateful to everyone who has called to check on Jasper and for the popsicles, ice cream and darling handmade cards and drawing from his friends.  THANK YOU!

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Norris Fam said...

That picture second from the bottom makes me want to cry...I agree with Jasper, you should never do that again! Glad it's over!

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