Monday, October 24, 2011

Don't Mess With a Momma Horse

This is another guest post by Angela's hubby, cross-posted from his jeep blog.

I have to do one more horse story from our recent trip to Cold Creek. Last time I shared a somewhat truthful, and somewhat embellished, account of our encounter with a talented horse. This post is different in that it's firmly rooted in the unvarnished truth. As we were heading back down the Bonanza Camp Road, we encountered a little family of horses on the side of the road.

There was a mature female horse and three smaller horses who all looked quite young. Obviously we can't know that the mature female was the mother of one or any of the younger horses, but she seemed to be keeping an eye out for them. As we approached, the three younger horses kept eating, while the Momma kept a watchful eye on the jeep.

My wife was loving the horses and wanted to jump out of the jeep and get some good photos of these cute little horses.

The Momma did not like this too much. She had clearly had enough of us being around. She lowered her head and took a fairly aggressive stance against us.

My wife took the cue that it was time to get back in the jeep, and we decided to leave them alone after that. These aren't domestic animals after all, they are wild and you can expect that they won't act like somebody's pet. These are neat to see, but be careful.

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