Monday, October 10, 2011

Surgery is not fun ...

(Hi, this is a guest post from Mike.)

Those of you who are friends with us on Facebook may have noticed pictures of Jasper's surgery in your news feed.
Poor little guy. He came out of surgery with less than what he went in with. I'm not sure what tonsils weigh, but Jasper is less than he was.

He was coughing in a barky sort-of-way, like he had croup. We could tell he was in pain, and drool was pouring out of his mouth because he couldn't bring himself to actually swallow it. Once we got him to get started on the first popsicle, it was off to the races though. I lost count after about a dozen.

Hopefully the area where his tonsils used to be will heal quickly. In the meantime, it'll be more popsicles, and more movies and lots of lounging around.

It wasn't all sad. Before the surgery, Jasper was quite nervous. He fought against getting the gown on, and he fought against even getting on the bed. The doctor gave him a 5ml of Versed to "take the edge off."

As the nurse tried to squirt it in his mouth, he spit up about half of it. I was worried it wouldn't be enough, but he slowly started to loosen up and climbed into the bed. I was glad he spit some of it out though when the nurse came by to take Jasper into surgery. He took one look at her and said "you have two heads!" I shudder to think what would have come out of his mouth if he had gotten the full dose!

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