Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wait. Slow Down Please

Lately when I look at Jasper he looks so big to me.  He's growing up too fast and too soon for me.

Today my Sunbeam class were singing their hearts out during the practice for our upcoming Primary Program.  For part of the time I sat in front of them like a "stage mom", coaxing them to sing and smile big.  As I watched Jasper my eyes began to swell with tiny tears.  He is getting to big.  He looked so grown up to me in his oxford dress shirt and sweater vest. 

The dimple on his right cheek and his smile are getting bigger. He doesn't look like a toddler at all.  He is a little boy.  My heart was sad to think about how fast my time with him is flying by.

As a child I was always in a hurry to grow up and time seemed to move so slowly.  Why is it the complete opposite when you are a parent?

So scoop me up one more ice cream sundae with pineapple topping made of sand  I will pretend to eat your sensational creation while I pretend that my heart isn't breaking as I watch your grow up right before my eyes.

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trisha said...

Well put,Ang. I feel the pain too. Love you!

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