Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Are You Searching For?

Mike and I are sitting on the couch cracking up right now.  He is excited because my blog has almost 20,000 hits.

Of my last 500 blog hits, 20% of them came from Google searches.  Weird and silly Google searches.

Mike looked up the key words that people are searching for when they land on my blog.  The top search is:

CAN YOU REFRIGERATE A CAMELBAK?  Here's the link to my Camelbak blog post.

I find this funny because it was a pretty lame post, and I got NO COMMENTS whatsoever.  I have even contemplated taking it down because it was so random and I wondered if no one commented on it because everyone now thinks I am weirdo!  But obviously it is a HOT TOPIC!

Another favorite search I am getting hits on:  "What's the name of the bad guy in the Smurfs movie?" Here's the link to my Smurfs post. 

I write my blog so I can remember our everyday life and so our family and friends can take a peek into our home.  If I end up solving the questions that other people are pondering, then I guess that's a nice bonus!

So here's my blog marketing advice to those of you out there making money off your blog and trying to get more hits....write a blog post about a weird topic that people have a question about.

The photos of Jasper "working" on my computer are from December 2008.  This random bonus photo is from the same time frame.  Jasper is trying to get out the front door of the house we rented on Monument Point...with my keys in hand.

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Erica said...

That is so funny! How do you do the whole "who has been searching" thing? You should add a money maker thing to your blog. 20,000 hits is a lot!

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