Friday, July 29, 2011

(Apparently) The Smurfs Are Back!

One of the movie trailers for Kung Fu Panda 2 and Cars 2 was for a movie about the SMURFS!  Major flashback to the 1980's for me.

Today Jasper went to the new Smurf's movie for Peyton's 5th birthday party.  He came home happy as could be.

He scored a Smurf goody bag full of trinkets and candy.  He got some popcorn at the movies...which he thinks is so cool.  

This morning Jasper told me that he really hoped there would be cupcakes at the party.  He LOVES cupcakes, and was so happy that they had cupcakes with blue frosting.

He was pouring over the party invitation during breakfast and asked, " Does this mean they will have Smurf toys to play with at Peyton's house from now on?"

He loves blowing his Smurfette party blower.  He kept asking me to read the words on the blower, which say, "SMURFY" (of course.)
 After the party he ran through the front door and said, "I don't remember the name of the bad guy.  I don't remember the name of the castle.  And I don't remember the name of the machine." 

Later on Mike came in to get the scoop on the party and movie and blurted out, "Gargamel".  He then felt a bit embarrassed that he remembered the name of the "bad guy" from his childhood Smurf days.

Jasper thinks bad guys, castles and machines are pretty cool, so I'm sure he liked the movie.

It's only the third one he's ever been to in a movie theater, and the first movie he's gone to without Mike and I.

So far he's only been  to the Cinedome on Greenway in Henderson.

Post Script: We asked Riley's brother Peyton what the machine in the Smurfs movie is and he said it's a LEAF BLOWER!

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