Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mom, What's Your Status?

It cracks me up when Jasper repeats what we say.

Mike often asks me, "What's your status"?  Meaning -- Am I ready for bed, still writing in my journal, etc.

So today Jasper asked me, "Mom, What's Your Status?"  It sounded so funny coming from his 3 year old lips.

His favorite question to ask the last few months is "What's your day today?"  He is trying to ask, "How is your day going?", but it always comes out somewhat jumbled.  It's a sweet and sincere question that he asks me at least twice a day.

He loves it when I answer, "My day is going really well.  I have a little boy named Jasper and he is making a lot good choices today and minding -- which makes me very happy."

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Brittany said...

I love it! It makes me smile when I hear my kiddos repeat the things i say. Well... the good things anyway! Hahaha!
That Jasper of yours sure is a cute kid!

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