Friday, October 22, 2010

Fire Station Tour

Jasper and I took Peyton with us to the Henderson Fire Station for a great tour with Miss Nancy's Preschool on Oct.22nd.

We went with Nancy last year as well.  This year we visited the Henderson Fire Station on Green Valley Parkway and last year we went to the Lake Mead Fire Station -- which is extra cool because they have a boat and a fire pole to slide down.

The kids were thrilled to climb up and sit behind the wheel of the fire truck.  You gotta' love that Peyton wore his fireman suit.  Jasper was so excited to step in the fireman's boots.

I was so glad I took a video because the fireman who gave us our tour did a great job.  At the end of our tour they had to go out on a call so we got to watch the fire truck roll out.

The first one is of the fire truck rolling out and the second video is of the Fire Station tour.

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Sha-na-na said...

Jasper is such a beautiful child...I know, he's a boy but he's still beautiful! Think about all of you all the time, life has been crazy, hectic and stressful. I finally decided I needed to break and catch up on blogs. You two have such a cute kid, I pray for you that you will have another one soon~

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