Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Boy Scout Canyon Hike with the Schroeder Family

Saturday we went on an adventure with the Schroeder family to one of our favorite places, Boy Scout Canyon.  It's almost 3.6 miles round trip to the drop off and back.

The kids had so much fun scurrying up all of the cool rock formations.  Cydnee and I love slot canyons so we were happy hikers.

The natural rock slide was a big hit with the kids (see video below).  Mike had to pick Jasper up and drag him away from the rock slide.

Jasper liked to climb high --sometimes too high.  Occasionally he had to be rescued by his dad and even Cydnee.

Jasper LOVES Reagan and whenever we wanted him to quit scurrying up rocks and get back on the trail we would simply say -- Go catch up with Reagan.

Cydnee commented that she thinks that Jasper already like girls!  I think she is right.  :>

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Cyd said...

Maybe I should just copy and paste this post to my blog. Post done! J/K I enjoyed reliving the hike.

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