Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Leaves at Mt. Charleston

I've been so anxious to see some Fall leaves.  We had a trip planned for Beaver, Utah that fell through because of all the smoke in the mountains due to a fire (which is now out).

In an attempt to ease my anxiety Mike drove us up Mt. Charleston last Saturday to see what we could see.

We had a nice time walking around, and I was thrilled to see the aspen leaves fluttering on the trees in the breeze.

I know it as a bit of a sacrifice for Mike to be in the mountains in the Jeep and not really go on any off-road trails.  Thanks for focusing on me and the leaves Mike!


trisha said...

I was shocked to see how big Jasper has gotten and looks, especially in that first picture!

Brittany said...

Jasper has gotten so big! He's still as cute as ever! Glad you got to escape Vegas for a bit and enjoy some Fall leaves! :)
BTW love the pics you took.

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