Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sr. Nursey....Here We Come!

Mike has been serving as the Jr. Nursery leader at church since October 2008.  Jasper's been blessed to have Mike with him since March 1st of last year.

Jasper was supposed to move up to the Sr. Nursery in January of this year, but he stayed behind so he could be with Mike.
Two weeks ago Mike and Jasper got moved up the Sr. Nursery.  I am excited because I was hoping Jasper could learn more with the older kids and stay with his friends.  

Of course I am most excited because Mike and Jasper were able to stay together.  Mike loves spending the extra two hours each week with Jasper and his buddies.

I helped out in Sr. Nursery during play time for a few minutes and snapped these photos of Jasper playing on my phone.   He was in love with the Dinoco helicopter.  Thank you to whoever donated that to the nursery.  It seems like everyone's favorite.

It's hard to believe that next January he'll be a Sunbeam!


Rachel said...

WHAT?????? Where did I miss that Mike is no longer my girls nursery leader :-( I just try to hurry and drop them off and get out before they notice I am gone. He is such a good nursery teacher.

Danielle said...

I saw him in his little sports coat on Sunday! He looked so cute! Matt is enjoying having Mike in the Sr Nursery.

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