Sunday, March 1, 2009

First Day of Nursery

Today is the day. Jasper is a whopping 18 months old and is joining the ranks of Primary.

Would anyone mind telling me where the last year and half went? Because I feel like it just flew by!

He was dressed in his Sunday best and ready for whatever Nursery may bring him. I am still recuperating, and wasn't able to go to church today.

Mike is the Jr. Nursery leader, so it's not really a big adjustment for Jasper. Mike is so excited to have his little guy in Nursery with him now.

Jasper has gone in Nursery here and there before, but I have not had him attend earlier than now because Mike has his hands full with a big group -- 16 little ones today.

Mike likes to joke and say that I haven't put Jasper in Nursery early because I am just not ready to let him go. Anyone in Relief Society knows that on most Sunday's I am more than ready for Jasper to be in Nursery. Especially on the Sunday's that I am teaching.

I don't think the sisters are going to miss Jasper's antics for one second. I am quite sure that Cydnee Schroeder will be thrilled to not have Jasper plunking away on the keys as she tries to play the piano.

I am not sure what I will do with myself during Sunday School and Relief Society. I guess I will sit down and listen to the lesson. Something I haven't really done for a year and a half.

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