Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love Bugs

This morning I got my "Jon and Kate Plus 8" groove on and took Jasper and 4 of his friends to Story Time at Gibson Library.
We made "Love Bugs" for our craft.  Jasper was pleased as punch to wield his own glue stick and marker, as evidenced by his "Love Bug".

We met up with some other moms and kids at O'Callaghan Park  to soak up some sun and play.  It felt so good to be outside in the sunshine.

We loved seeing the Abbott's, Schroeder's, Quandel's, Wakumoto's and Sowell's.  Thank you for coming to play with usEvery mom packed snacks to share and the kids had a fruit snack / fruit roll-up / Cheez-It festival.

We'll be going to Story Time from 10:00 - 10:30 AM for the next 6 weeks and then to a park from 10:.45 - 12 Noon.  

We might try different parks each week, so let me know if you want to come and I'll email you which park we're going to.  

Hope to see you next Thursday! 

P.S.    I have never watched "Jon and Kate Plus 8".  I was only "Angela Plus 5" but my adventures would have made for very entertaining TV this morning.  

Like when Jasper lost his shoe and I didn't even know it was missing because I was so worried one of us would be hit by a car in the crazy parking lot at the Gibson Library.  Jasper announced (quite loudly) that his shoe was missing once we finally sat down in Story Time (which we interrupted by coming in late).  It was later retrieved outside on the stairs.

Let's see...I could not get all of the car seat belts fastened properly, and after a frustrating 10 minutes I told the kids that I was going to have to say a prayer and ask for help or we would never be able to leave my driveway.  I was 100% serious.
We (all 6 of us) looked like a side-winding caterpillar holding hands everywhere we went.  I had to use my  "nice mom" public reprimand voice when Jasper took off, i.e. broke the 6-man human chain, and I tried to coax him to rejoin the chain.

Let's just say that we were quite a sight!  Can't wait to do it again next week!


Shelly Benson said...

You are a brave, brave woman!

Huber Family said...

You are to GREAT! I should have come I totaly forgot, that is my brain though. By the way, thank you for the cute valentine my kiddos loved them!

Cyd said...

I loved the "side-winding catepillar" comparison! Hilarious!

Rachelle said...

Thanks for taking my two in a pinch! Wish my outcome at the doctor was better, but grateful nonetheless for your help!

Laura Larsen said...

You are awesome. Avery had a great time. Thanks for inviting her.

Erica said...

SO FUN! I wish we lived in your neighborhood too, or at least even in the same state. :)

Brittany said...

You are superwoman! I'm excited, park weather is here! :)

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