Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a great Valentine's weekend here at the Davidson home.

Yesterday Mike & I went on a date to the Las Vegas Temple. 

I ended up having a breakdown at the Temple over my miscarriage and couldn't stop crying, so I don't know how romantic that was. :> 

We grabbed Pei Wei to go on the way home and had a nice little feast with Jasper.  He was munchin' down on the spring rolls and fortune cookies.  Of course the funniest thing was watching Jasper use chopsticks.

Today Mike made Jasper and I some super yummy waffles before church.  Jasper was so excited when Mike announced that he was making us waffles that Jasper ran downstairs and attempted to get the waffle iron out.  He went into the pantry, handed me Mrs. Butterworth and said, "pour".  He was ready for his waffles.
We loved all of the Valentine's and fun treats that we've received.  Reagan Schroeder came a knockin' tonight with a plate of cookies that were almost as cute as she is.  Little J greeted her in his glow-in-the dark superman shirt,  ready for some more cookies.  He already had a cheek full of cookie when he ran to the door.  He is a little cookie monster!

Jasper and I picked out a cute card for him to give to Mike with a happy octopus on the front.  Mike continued our tradition of making each other cards for Valentine's Day, birthdays and our anniversary.  He's even been known to whip out a glue stick and scissors in years past. I flaked out and went with Hallmark.  Thanks sweetie -- I know crafting is not your forte'!


Julie said...

The kids LOVED getting Jasper's Valentine. It was darling!

Cyd said...

So sweet!

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