Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Yesterday Jasper and I made strawberry cupcakes for his preschool Valentine's party for the kids to frost and decorate.

He had so much fun adding the ingredients, running the mixer, and setting out the cupcake liners.  And of course helping to rinse out the dishes in the sink

Because anything that involves running the kitchen sink sprayer is a delight. It's gotten so bad that after I rinse a dish or pot or pan Jasper pipes up with, "My turn".  Meaning -- now I get a turn to "play" in the sink.

I know, I know -- be grateful your kid wants to do dishes.  But he's a splish-splasher and it seems to always involve an outfit change. 

This morning I told him that today was his big Valentine party and he would get to share the cupcakes we made with his friends at preschool. 

Not my best idea, because then Jasper would not stop saying

So for breakfast he ate a pink cupcake.  And he loved every last crumbly crumb.  The new breakfast of champions -- strawberry cupcakes.


amylouwho said...


One year, my brother made me a birthday cake and while we were out his cat got into it! So, to make up for it he grabbed the only cake mix he had (Strawberry), mixed it up, and made pancakes with it. Which we ate with ice cream. Delish!

Shauna said...

Ohhh looks SO yummy. I've been craving cake lately...guess I'll have to bake one and it isn't anyone's birthday until next week! You're a great mommy, lil J is very lucky~

Rookie Blog said...

Do you have the book Pinkalicious? Jasper would love it. Both my kids want me to read it every night!

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