Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Help Me!"

Now that Jasper is talking more, he loves to say, "Help me".  Most of the time he asks for help putting his shoes on, opening or a door, or reaching for a toy.

Yesterday he tried to retrieve a small ball that rolled across the floor.  He chased it under the mini trampoline and managed to get completely stuck.  I soon heard a desperate "Help me!".

Most days the caboose comes off his favorite train and "Help me" is a plea to get the train cars hooked back together.

Sometimes Jasper is climbing the shelves of the pantry in hopes of reaching the M&M's and "Help me" really means --- I want some chocolate.

Last week he walked up to me wearing a yellow construction hat and had a large candy bar in each hand. (Our friends recently went to Canada and Mike asked then to bring him back some good Cadbury chocolate). 

Jasper looked up at me, waving the chocolate bars and pleaded, "Help me."  I could have finished the sentence by adding (Help me) open these nice big bars of chocolate!  I told him that they are daddy's and he'd have to discuss the matter with him.

Last night I left the pita chips out and when Jasper spotted them this morning there was nothing that could persuade him away from a breakfast of hummus and pita chips.  Things were going well until Sully mysteriously took a swim in the Avacado Cilantro Hummus.  I soon heard "Help me", even though Sully was the one who needed rescuing.


Brittany said...

Jaspers such a fun kid! You are so good at recording all of the cute things he does!

shauna said...

Cute post! And congratulations to you! How are you feeling?

The George's said...

You are making me wan hummus. I love your posts!

tiffany garfield said...

hahaha that's funny! Nothing like a Sully dipped in Hummus for breakfast! He's so big! Glad you guys are doing well!

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