Friday, February 19, 2010

Bounce Bounce Bounce 'til you Drop

I am willing to bet that all of the kids who went to the Black Mountain Rec. Center today for the Bounce House fun took as good of a nap as Jasper did.  

Today Evan and Colt came with us and Jasper was thrilled to be hanging out with the big boys -- they'll both be in kindergarten this Fall.

Last month Jasper had a few obstacles that he need help getting over, but today he tackled them all on his own.  It took him several tries to figure out one of the climbing walls, but he was tenacious.

When he got to the top he said, "Mommy, I did it!"  He was so proud of himself. It is a true joy to see the happiness that comes from seeing your child work hard at a challenge and succeed.

It's tough to stand back and letting them struggle and do it for themselves.

Almost every photo I took is blurry because the kids were always in motion.

We did have a little glitch in the plan and they didn't open it up until 11:30 AM. so we hopped over to O'Callaghan park with the Ellsworth's for a few minutes until we could jump.

We had so much fun last month that we decided that $3 was well worth it and that we'd go once a month. The Rec. Center said it will start at 11:00 AM on March 12th, April 9th and May 14th.

Hope you can make it next time!


Danielle said...

Looks fun!! I took the kids out to the Clark COunty Heritage Museum on Boulder Hwy to do the pictures. They have a lot of great old houses and barns. Plus it is only $1 to get in!!

amylouwho said...

That little girl looks like my cousin's daughter. Do you know Adam Hjorth? They do live in LV....

davidsonlaw said...

They're in our ward ...

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