Friday, January 8, 2010

Bounce With Us!

Today Jasper and I joined our friend Trisha and her kids for a bounce house festival at the Black Mountain Recreation Center (BMRC). 

Of course the kids had a blast.  To our surprise, hardly anyone else was there.  We brought our friend Savanah and she helped Jasper up and over what I call the "American Gladiator" wall.  What a great friend for Jasper.

They set the things up in the rec. center gym so there's tons of room for the kids to run around too.  They had five huge bounce houses -- the jumbo slide, two of the ones where you just jump and two other obstacle course ones with medium slides.

We stayed until 12:20 and no one kicked us out; the kids were just wiped out and ready to go.  It's for ages 2-5 and is only $3 per kid.  All of the bounce houses were cleaner and newer than any I've ever seen.

If you want to come with us next time, below are the upcoming dates for the BMRC.  They are all on a Friday from 11-12 PM.  You can just show up and register that day. Hope to see you there!
-- Feb.  19th
-- Mar. 12th
-- Apr. 9th
--May 14th


Rachelle said...

Thanks again for taking her. . . .that was her very first "friend outing". She was so excited to go. I'm glad she was helpful and nice cuz with her you just never know what her mood might bring:)

The McCooks said...

oh nice, I love reading your blog so I can find out what to do around here. Thanks!!!

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