Thursday, January 7, 2010

Silver Bullet Hunt

Last month we went to dinner at Chili's to celebrate Mike's new job.  Jasper was a bit grumpy until his chocolate shake came out. 

We hopped over to the outlet mall next door after dinner.  We drove Mike's car and soon realized that there was no emergency umbrella stroller in the trunk for impromptu shopping trips.

We coughed up $5 for one of those car / stroller things and we are off.  Jasper loved saying "beep beep" to everyone as we cruised around the mall.

We popped into the Nike store to survey the clearance section to see if they might have some more silver bullet shoes, since I am worried about what will happen when they are too tiny for Jasper.

I asked the sales person if she had seen any shoes like the silver bullets.  Jasper quickly pulled his foot out of the car / stroller to showcase the type of shoe we were looking for.

Before long we had a handful of sales associates circle around because Jasper was cracking everybody up asking for some silver bullets and pointing to his shoes.
Please note that Jasper has his Snoopy Christmas ornament in his hand, which he took everywhere with him for the entire month of December.


Cyd said...

Oh my gosh Angela. I wondered whose ornament that was. I think I have it at my house. Here's hoping I can find it now!

Rachelle said...

That is too funny! Love that Jasper.

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