Friday, February 19, 2010


The last week I feel like Jasper is growing up really fast and that things are passing me by.

I get a knot deep in my stomach when I think of what I have not written down that I want to remember and hold on to forever.

Hence my blogging resurgence.  I want to remember these days.  I want to laugh and cry about them in years to come.

I watch the older kids and see how they mostly want to play with their friends...not their mom's.

Right now I have many times when I feel like saying -- Can you just leave me alone for one minute?  Isn't there ANYONE else you can play with right now?

But then I remember that soon I will not be Jasper's first choice for a play mate, so I better enjoy these days while they are here.

If you feel like saying -- Could Angela possibly blog about any more of the minutia in her life?  Just know I am trying to hold on tight to these days before they are just a blur.


davidsonlaw said...

Jasper's quite fortunate to have a mommy that is as so into him as you! Thanks for all your hard work!

Cyd said...

That's what blogs should be all about--a record of all those little things that will be so fun to look back on in the future. I find myself trying to please and entertain the current readers (because I admittedly do like to think that people like to read my blog)but its really more about keeping a record for my family.

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