Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I figured I'd better post this before Christmas!

This Halloween we went to Trunk or Treat at our church for the 3rd year in a row.  We joined the Laurel Hills Ward -- so it was fun to see old friends (1/2 of our Ward was taken to create the Laurel Hills Ward a year ago).

Jasper was a race car driver, but we should have just put him in a track suit and had him be a runner, as his favorite thing to do was to run around the church parking lot.

He wore his "silver bullet" shoes and was fast as lightening!  (Jasper affectionately calls them his "bullets".)  He had his cowboy boots on at home ($1 find at a thrift store) but they are 2 sizes too big and he was a bit wobbly so we made him wear the bullets.

Thanks to Josie for helping us keep track of Jasper and rounding him up when necessary.

Jasper was a Bumble Bee when he was 2 months old and last year he was Michael Phelps, and I was his #1 fan.

This is the first year that Jasper has actually trick or treated.  He was one word for the candy -- MINE!

Jasper can't say "Trick or Treat", so we just went with "Please" and "Thank You" when he was given candy.

Jasper thinks that when he gets a piece of candy he should eat it.  He didn't understand the concept of putting the candy in his blue plastic pumpkin.  The whole night Jasper had a piece of candy in his mouth and each fist gripping tightly to a piece of candy in each hand.

By the end of the night he was a chocolatey mess. He even biffed it in the parking lot and black marks all over his WHITE polar fleece race car suit (which were really just some Carter's PJ's that I got for $6.50 at Costco).

We teamed up with our friends the Quandel's and the Scott's for the passing out of candy.  Kim brought her black cat that lights up and plays music.  Jasper loves to play with that cat every time we go to their house, so he was thrilled that Kim brought it.

My award for favorite "non-candy" items goes to Nancy for the glow bracelet (Jasper LOVES those), whoever handed out the little fighter jet and Michelle Tanner for a cup of slushy root beer. Thank you! (Jasper is still loving the fighter jet -- 1 month later).

After Trunk or Treat we knocked on doors in our neighborhood.  The problem is that Jasper wanted to go inside everyone's house and visit and play with their toys - even people we'd never met before.

The full size candy bars at the Gornichec's were a hit -- even though Isaac was super scary!

All in all we had a great night with good friends -- and lots of treats!


Erica said...

Great costume ideas! And it sounds like you are surrounded by wonderful people.

Travis Wilson said...

At least J didn't rip off his race suit and run around in his undies. Then you could've said he dressed up as Ricky Bobby.

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