Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Day

Today we were blessed to attend the baptism of Martin and Kim.

We met them last month when they came to church and became instant friends.

Kim has a sweet daughter who is 5 months younger than Jasper. We feel lucky when they sit with us at church. Jasper does a lot better in Sacrament meeting sitting next to Shelby.

We've had fun swimming and playing with them, going to their house for dinner and a missionary discussion. We thrilled to share their special day with them.

I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and Mike did his best to keep Jasper at bay.

Our friend Holly organized a nice buffet meal with dessert so everyone could stay and visit.

Jasper was thrilled to eat chocolate cake and was pretty much covered by the time we left.

Here's one of my favorite quotes from my talk.

"The Holy Ghost is the Comforter. As the soothing voice of a loving parent can quiet a crying child, the whisperings of the Spirit can calm our fears, hush the nagging worries of our life, and comfort us. The Holy Ghost can fill us "with hope and perfect love" and "teach [us] the peaceable things of the kingdom".

I love this quote because I feel like as a mom I can understand how soothing my voice can be to Jasper when nothing else can calm him.


Cyd said...

I love how easily you make friends Angela. It's definitely one of your great strengths. I really liked that quote (you used here) from your talk as well. It was a very happy day!

Shauna said...

That is so awesome!! You two are a blessing to so many people. Looks like it was a great day. Everyone looks so happy.

Cheryll said...

Dad and I always feel that a Baptismal Service is one of the most Spiritual meetings we can attend. It puts us in the presence of perfect people who have had all their sins forgiven. Great happiness is there. Love, Mom

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