Thursday, December 3, 2009


A couple weeks I pulled a brochure for the Disney Dream Cruise Ship out of our Family Fun magazine to show Jasper.

He is now obsessed with it, and reads his brochure at most meals.  Every time he gets in his high chair he asks for his cruise brochure. 

This is his favorite page to look at and talk about -- the AquaDuck waterslide.  It actually seems pretty cool.

It is a high-flume ride that takes you through a translucent, acrylic tube above the ship’s upper decks and over its edge to offer a view of the ocean.  It's like a water rollercoaster -- pretty cool!


amylouwho said...

So is he getting the real thing for Christmas? ;)

Norris Fam said...

My girls are convinced that next time Dan goes fishing in Alaska we're going on a Disney cruise without him. We'll let you know when we go so you guys can come too :)

Cami said...

So I guess you guys know what to do for your next family vacation. Jasper is just so adorable!

Angela said...

Love this! I would LOVE to join you guys if you are serious about going. Jasper is the cutest, Ange!

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