Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Difference Between a Tortoise, a Turtle and a Terrapin

One of Jasper's favorite Birthday gifts from my parents is the Encyclopedia of Animals. (You can pick one up at Costco if you want one too).

It is an even a bigger hit than I imagined.

Jasper and I love to learn about all the animals and look at all the great pictures. And of course we make as many of the animal noise that we know.

I got stumped on "Anteater" today. I improvised by doing crazy, noisy kisses up and down Jasper's arm until we were rolling on the rug laughing.

Mike and I are now quizzing each other on animal trivia that we learn when we read the book with Jasper.

Do you know the Difference Between a Tortoise, a Turtle and a Terrapin?

Ever since we caught a glimpse of Sheldon we are really into turtles...uh, I mean tortoises.

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