Monday, August 24, 2009

Farewell Travis, Lindsay and Leoni. Hello Sheldon!

My friends Lindsay, Travis and Little Leoni are headed out of the country on a BIG adventure. They are off to Quatar where Travis will be teaching English at a University.

Friday night we went to Lindsay's parents house for their farewell party.

Turns out that Sheldon the desert tortoise has quite a following. Lindsay said that some people were there to see them, and some were there to see Sheldon. I thought they were kidding.

Sheldon has quite a hold on people. To be honest I have contemplated going back to see him myself.

Jasper was a little unsure of Sheldon at first, especially when Sheldon starting chasing after him.

Sheldon is non-stop entertainment -- Look, Sheldon's gonna' get you -- Look, Sheldon's eating the lawn -- Look, Sheldon's in his shell. Oh the wonderment from one desert tortoise.

We'll miss you like crazy Travis & Lindsay -- and little Leoni.


Cami said...

We had a desert tortoise when we lived in AZ. We adopted him and named him Samson. I was really sad to have to give him back when we moved. Those pictures made me think of him.

K said...

My distant cousins just moved to Qatar. Here's their blog:

JD and Rachelle said...

My kids love visiting Sheldon too! I love going to visit the Cannons any chance I get. I hope they have a great time in Quatar

Erica said...

I will miss Lindsay and clan too. So much! At least you stayed here in the states. :) Qatar is a long way away!

And why didn't Lindsay ever tell me about Sheldon?

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