Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2nd Birthday Celebration at the Firm

Since last year's birthday celebration at Mike's firm was so much fun, we decided to do it again.

We had a delicious Dairy Queen ice cream cake and a fun time singing, visiting and laughing.

All of the ladies just love Jasper to pieces and had fun as he entertained them.

People would ask Jasper a question and he would say, "No". It became a little comedy hour to see what questions people could come up with for Jasper to answer.

One partner said, "Jasper, should we give your dad a raise next year?" Jasper gave his standard answer for the hour "No." (I quickly chimed in YES!)

Grandma Sharon brought in a broken telephone and he had a lot of fun doing some pretend phone calls with Mike's secretary.

She also gave him a CD player that he loves to carry around the house and jam out to. I call it his boom box.

And then there was the immense fun found in taking the lid on and off of the orange juice. It's the little things.

Of course his favorite things was seeing his daddy. He claps every time that we drive by the firm.

Happy Birthday Jasper --again!

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