Thursday, July 24, 2008

Small Town Memories

After breakfast with my grandpa, Jasper and I headed over to the park to visit and grab a snow cone. We had a great chat with my PTA softball coach, Elizabeth Yardley. She is from Scotland, and our team was affectionately named the "Sassie Lassies". I played on her team for 3 years, and then played on the "Funshine Gang" during 6th grade. The Funshine Gang won the sportsmanship award, but the Sassie Lassies, well we were Sassy, and played hard and won often.

Jasper finally fell asleep in his stroller, so we just walked back to Bonnie's mom's house, which is across the street from my old house. We had a nostalgic walk.

Past the library. Bonnie's grandma Wanda Roberts was the librarian, so we probably spent more time than most kids at the library. We also had dance, ballet, tap and even clogging in the basement of the library building. I am proud to say that for a few years we were instructed by the one and only Fred Adams.

Next we strolled past the Beaver 1st & 2nd Ward Building where I spent a lot of time growing up. I still remember walking home from school to the church to attend Primary on Wednesday afternoons.

Then we passed "Aunt" Kathleen Smith Farnsworth's home, which has since been renovated my her family members. And we saw the tire swing that we spend many hours in. We used to help Kathleen when it was her turn for water and we would rake her leaves in the fall, and then jump into the huge piles. Kathleen was an amazing woman, and was Mother of the Year in Utah in 1968.

Then onto the Browns' home. Note the pile of wood in the backyard. When I was younger the Brown's sold wood out of their backyard, and their were piles and piles and piles of it.

I also took a photo of our little home that used to be a golden yellow color. So many memories. Too many to post today.

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