Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby Dog Whisperer on Location: Beaver, Utah

One of Jasper's favorite parts of the 24th of July parade was the dogs that were also watching the parade.

We met a sweet girl named Megan with a tiny little dog named Albert. Turns out that Jasper prefers dogs that are more than 1 pound.

We also met this nice guy in yellow shirt who obliged Jasper's need to play with his dogs every time we saw him today. Thank you kind sir!


Elizabeth said...

You have great Photo's on this blog site! Your little guy is so cute! Hmmm... So I wonder how long before your convinced to have a dog.

Elizabeth said...

Hey, me again. I didn't get a chance to tell you but Thank You so much for your inspiring lesson today on Testimonies! You are an inspiring mother as well as teacher.

Ashby Family said...

Love the pictures as usual. Your lesson was great today. I really appreciated the spirit you brought to relief society.

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